Wednesday March 1st - that morning was without any rush, our program read : " A free, sightseeing day ". So we got up at about 8 a.m. and had our breakfast of pasta, tea, coffee in peace and quiet. We planned our departure to Le Fayet to make our trip by the "Tramway du Mont Blanc" at 10 a.m. So we had a lot of time to do our notes, write postcards and play cards ... and also there were some pictures of the terrase and we started to believe the forecast men made mistake because we could see the sun looking down through holes in the clouds.
So after 10 a.m. we already were driving south by Subaru on our trip. We reached
the Le Fayet town before 10:30 a.m. so we had time enough to buy tramway tickets even some walking around. The cog railway named "Jeanne" came at 11:00 a.m. sharp so we could have our trip. It should take us about 1 hour. There were about forty skiers, mountaineers and tourists with us inside. It was the interesting ride with nice views but ... but just until a moment when the snow started falling. Big, wet flakes ... We could see almost nothing, but a white wall, unfortunately, ... What a pity because that trip was said to be very nice sightseeing around alpin peakes. We even didn't go up to the "Bellevue" station because of snow. We had to get off the cog railway that continued up just itself and  we were waiting for its return about 20 minutes. We were in the "Col de Voza" station. It was also the lower station of the ski lift of the steeper piste that we were skiing on Monday and Tuesday on. It was situated in 1653 m (5420 ft) above sea level. Well. We took advantage of that break and to look around over there. Of course without any views to mountain giants ... The return ride took us less of time, about 40 minutes. Fortunately weather showed us its better face so we came back down with the sun above.
That better views we enjoyed during our "home" drive. We could see majestic giants in full feather as well as impressive icefields high in the mountain valleys ... Yes, we deserved it after such snowy trip.
And at "home" ? Some snacks, coffee, playing the cards ... comfortable time.
Shortly after 5 p.m. there was our traditional walk downtown, we relished holiday atmosphere of that tourist town, we feasted our eyes on things in all of those shopwindows. Anything for tourists ... When we walked through the "Place Balmat" square I noticed  a strange sculpture of an old-time alpine mountaineer. "Ah. There wasn't it yesterday ! Wow ! It is alive ! He is a man !" I called at Hana and our friends. " Oh,no. It isn't. It is man-made ... Wow ! He looked at me ! ... Really, he is the man !" were their reactions. It was a joy to look at that live sculpture. Very fun. Of course we gave him some change to a bag.
After that performance we split. I went to the information center to send my emailes and others continued walking ... This time I was successful and all my emailes were sent off when Hana, Jitka and Jirka picked me up after half an hour. All together, by slow walking, we got to the restaurant "La Poele", our favorite place to eat. And again ... pizzas, omeletts, salads and Chardonnay. It was very pleasant end of that day ...