Saturday March 4th. Our departure day ... That morning was a bit sad and in a rush. Without breakfast, without coffee ... We wold have our breakfast on the road ...
Down to the garage, to load left things, gave the keys back, say good bye to  Chamonix and at 7.09 a.m. Jirka gave his Japanese horse the bridle ... We hit our road toward Geneve. And then Lausanne, Bern, Basel, Stuttgart ... Prague. 1100 km (686 miles).
It took us 12 hours to manage that long drive. It was very hard job for Jirka because the weather was really awfull. Heavy cloudy, rainy, sleety. And really thick fog. Horrible weather. Maybe the weather told us : "Go home ! It's time !" ...
Yes, the weather couldn't be worse ... and there was also heavy traffic on the highways ... a lot of trucks ... As I said, Jirka "savored" his driving.
"Jirka, you have done a good job indeed !"  We reached Prague at 7.10 p.m.,
transfered all our stuff back into our Peugeot, once again thanked our friends for that wonderful holiday and set off our returned journey to Chotebor. Before 8.30 p.m. we were home. Our fantastic vacation time was over ... loved holiday time.
So ... something similar next !
And now ?  Back to the reality ...

Mirek & Hana Stehno