On the Thursday dull morning March 2nd  me and Jirka repeated our Tuesday visit to the "boulangerie" (bakery). For this once we bought good looking croissants in addition to the popular two feet long baguettes. It was delicious breakfast, mainly excellent croissants. And tea and coffee ...
And then we did as on Monday and Tuesday : " Le Houches, go ! "
We bought one day ski passes and before 10 a.m. we already stood in the edge of the piste. And ... " Get going ! "  we started our other skiing day ...
The weather was nothing to shout about, it was snowing sometimes. Fortunately sun was winning occasionally so we savored our down-hill skiing very much. Hana and Jitka went down that easier one, me and Jirka tried to be better and better in that more difficult "Kandahar" piste. All of us did our best. As I said sometimes sun lighted up and there were beautiful views to the mountains and valleys all around. Marvelous, fascinating ... It was like a daydream.
At about noon we all met at the "Le Prarion" restaurant, we had french fries, hot
wine, coffee, pommes frites and relished our rest. We could hear mainly French and English at that room. There were also many skiers from the States, I think. No Czechs ...
When we recuperated, we continued doing winter sport until about 3 p.m
. But then there was a change. We decided to go back down the pistes to Le Louches downtown. Wow ! It was the exciting, steep and long ride ! That return journey was more than 3 km (about 2 miles) long ... Well. All of us managed it in one piece, fortunately. Really, it was very interesting and memorable experience. Maybe the top of our skiing that we had done until that time.
And then as usual ... back "home" and savor our rest after nice but exhausting day with beer, coffee, cakes and cards. Very pleasant time ... very easy.
At about 6 p.m. we walked downtown to do sightseeing and to eat. This time we chose the restaurant offered mexican meal named "Fiesta Grande". All of us hadn't had much experience with mexican meal before so we wanted to try it. Frankly speaking I was the
one who recommended it to others ... Me and Hana have got a splendid memories of mexican meal that we ate in the restaurant in Cortez during our visit to the States. So, why not to try it again ? Go to ! And me and Hana enjoyed that our decision very well. We love mexican cuisine. Burittos, enchiladas ... yum, yum. Jitka and Jirka didn't enjoy their so much ... However, again, good wine was good solution :-) so our visit to that mexican pub was successful enough.
After coming "home" we ended our evening by one bottle of wine and talking ...