Monday morning 27th woke us up with a bit worse weather than on Sunday. The sun was only peeping through the clouds as well as the peakes of the mountains. But we believed it would be better and everything would be prepared for our skiing. We had fast breakfast, coffee of course, packed all necessary stuff and : "Go !" we set off to Les Houches for our exercise ...
We reached our ski destination at about 9:30 a.m., found a free parking place, put ski boots on, took our other ski stuff and in a moment we stood in line for a cableway to the "Prarion" ski area. Fortunately it was fast enough and in 10 minutes we already sat at cabins to the Prarion ski area. The ride above a coniferous forest took us about 15 minutes and at 10:00 we were already looking around the Prarion ski area. We were lucky people because the sun finally came to its senses and showed us all the beauties of snowy nature. We stood at the edge of one piste and there were very high peaks around us. The snowy nature, the blue sky, the white clouds and the golden sun. What more can one desire ?
So we started down-hill skiing. The pistes were wide and very comfortable. And there were no crowds of people on them.  We were going down and up and down and up, were sliding down the ski slope, were carving our pleasant switchbacks. Yes, we enjoyed our time over there.
After about one hour we tried more difficult piste with steeper slopes. The Kandahar piste. Wow ! A bit dangerous for our older bodies but very exciting and fun. And again, and again and again ... At about noon we interrupted our skiing for lunch that we had at outside stables of the "Le Prarion" hotel (1860 m, 6,098 ft above sea level). We had some snacks and Grand Cafe. It was a necessary and nice rest. After all, we (from Chotebor) hadn't have so much down-hill skiing that season and we had never been to alpine pistes before. Yes, very difficult, exhausting, but memorable ... Jirka and Jitka often went that winter to the Krkonose mountains, so they had more training than us. So they stayed in that more difficult piste after lunch whereas me and Hana sliped down in "our" easier one. We all spent with skiing until 3:00 a.m. when we met by the cableway station and took our way down to Le Houches.
Well. All of us were tired enough and after our return "home" we all enjoyed a rest, coffee
and Pilsner Urquell (mainly me and Jirka).
And after 5 p.m. we went downtown to walk and to eat dinner. For this once we
visited the restaurant called La Poele (The Pan). It was very comfortable and friendly.  We again had a pleasant time over there. Ah. Delicious meals, excellent wine. Yes, we spent about two splendid and fun hours at that nice estaminet with talking, joking and teasing ... There was a wish to stay here :-) , but we had to go back . There would be other day with skiing on Tuesday.
Well. Slowly walking "home" and :"Good night, everybody !"