My Big Five Zero

Fifties - is it a lot or a few years ?  Who knows ... However this age is worth to celebrate. And I think it is needed to celebrate this anniversary not with sorrow that I'm of this age but with pleasure that I'm of this age at all ! And you should celebrate it with family members and with a lot of friends, with smiles, songs, music and dancing. And with a pile of good meals and good drinks too.
Date of my birthday party was in October, Thursday 28th with beginning time at 1 p.m. My invitation was  accepted by all invitees so there were 26 people including me at that party.
Oh, how many congratulations I have heard, how many beautiful gifts were given to me ... Many, many, many ... And what we were doing ?  There was big pleasure and cheerfulness ... Yes, of course there were many toasts with beer, wine, liqueurs and whiskey. And food ?  The delicious grilled pig, appetizers, cakes and other goodies. And we were merry with dancing, singing and joking. Wow ! We had a great time.
Don't believe me ? You can see it on these pictures below. It was a big pitty you weren't with us ...

And next party could be with you as well, couldn't be ?